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Art has always been a rather secret form of expression for me. I’ve hidden it and hidden inside it. It was something I kept primarily to myself. Recently, and through much prompting and insistence, I’ve been compelled to share some of my art with the world. If my pieces stir something in you, feel free to drop me a note. If you’re looking for your own commissioned work of art, I will be opening a very limited number of slots in 2023. Get in touch and reserve your commission now.

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Whether Creative, Content, Copy, or Code, Wisdom is passionate about creating a symbiosis between good form and function. Let’s chat!

Learn more about Wisdom Sewell. Learn more about Wisdom Sewell.

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Commissions opening in January 2023. If you are ready to lock in your commission with a deposit, reserve your spot now. Have a pre-commission question, a comment, or just want to let us know you enjoy the gallery? Drop us a note or inquire using our contact form. We read all our messages and will get back to you asap if a response is expected.